Zoloft: From Depression to (Birth) Defects

Zoloft: From Depression to (Birth) Defects

Feb 06

Many women in the United States of America suffer from anxiety and depression. A serious medical condition, this is an internal battle that can sometimes take an entire lifetime to defeat. Due to it being quite an internal problem, with symptoms that are difficult to detect and prove, a lot of women are often too frightened to be diagnosed with the illness. And an illness, it is, and one of the primary challenges of the battle is dealing with the popular stigma that denies its existence.

Anxiety has been called the illness that is linked with possibility, wherein the person who suffers from this disorder is too paralyzed by the fear of what could be that they are left debilitated and in a state of constant panic. It can be crippling and numbing; the fact that anyone who might suffer from it continues to live on a regular day is an extraordinary feat in itself. One can only imagine the kind of stress that this can cause a pregnant woman, a person making and carrying life within her, who suffers these illnesses; and much more if the medication for this illness causes for birth defects on her child.

This has been the case, as reported by evidence presented on the website of defective pharmaceutical attorneys with Williams Kherkher with the drug called Zoloft. The use of Zoloft, a popular anti-depressant commonly used to treat patients diagnosed with major depression or anxiety, has been linked to a variety of cases of mothers who have complained that the drug is the reason why their babies have been born with possibly life-threatening conditions such as heart failures or severe deformations. This can be the birth of additional and unprecedented health bills as well as a lifetimes worth of stress and increased symptoms in mothers already having to deal with mental problems.

If you or someone you know is going through a situation similar to this, legal action is an option available in order to attain compensation and justice from the guilty party responsible for this additional grievance.

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