The Different Types of Personal Injury

The Different Types of Personal Injury

Nov 08

Personal injury lawyers tend to get shoehorned into a few categories. In reality, it’s a very broad area of law that can help a large number of clients. This flexibility is one of its greatest recommendations for becoming a personal injury attorney, and so, for those considering their futures in law, it is worth outlining a few of the flexible areas.

To do so, I have selected a personal injury law website that outlines the practice areas of the firm.

These include some areas that may seem obvious to anyone with any knowledge of personal injury law. Those include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, general claims about slips and falls, as well as vehicle accidents (car, motorcycle, and truck). Again, these likely would occur to anyone with a passing acquaintance with the field, but practice expands beyond these.

There are also child-specific areas of practice, from birth injuries to cerebral palsy to general children injuries. There are also areas of practice around wrongful death and life insurance claims.

Finally, there are also the vast areas of disability claims and medical malpractice.

Browsing over that list, it is clear that personal injury law serves a very large need in a community. It covers a large list of traumatic injuries that occur through a large number of causes. For instance, injuries through vehicles, medical mishaps, or business negligence (with slips and falls). Other institutions such a firm might deal with include insurance companies (disability claims and vehicle insurance) as well as the government (slips and falls again, or potentially in vehicle accidents).

The vastness of this field has a number of benefits. Firstly, it means there is a large pool of clients to choose from. With so many potential injuries, there are a great many needs that can be dealt with.

Secondly, though, there is also the excitement of a change of focus with each case. One case may involve a wrongful death (itself full of very diverse causes). The next case may involve a child’s injury. The next could be over disability claims. And the next could be medical malpractice. There would be no risk of boredom with such an interesting variety of cases.

Finally, unlike many areas of law, a personal injury lawyer works directly with clients who need them. The benefit of this cannot be overstated. A case win is not just good news for a large business or corporation or a faceless government,  it is a victory for an individual who needs this help for whatever reason.

This personal face can add extra motivation to the workday.

This list by no means is meant to impugn other areas of practice or specializations. Personal injury is not for everyone. The law requires excellent lawyers in every field. It is important, however, to show that personal injury can be as compelling an area to practice in as any other.

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