18-Wheelers and the Dangers They Pose To Other Drivers

18-Wheelers and the Dangers They Pose To Other Drivers

Sep 01

Despite advancements in technology, our economy continues to rely on large semi-trucks for the transportation of goods across the United States. 18-wheelers are large vehicles whose sheer size and weight can cause serious injury accidents if they collide with a car or smaller truck on the road, or if an unbalanced load causes a jackknife accident or tip-over. Also, truck drivers are often subjected to very long shifts and often operate while sleep deprived. These unsafe conditions can cause serious accidents that can be fatal due to the sheer weight and force of such large vehicles. An epidemic of automobile accidents is already plaguing the United States due to congested highways and an increase in commuter traffic, and large semi trucks have a significant role to play in these injury accidents.

Tragic events such as car accidents are everyday occurrences in the United States. Accidents involving large semi-trucks have the potential to be particularly hazardous. These large and imposing vehicles are often loaded above their recommended capacity, which can have a catastrophic output of force in the event of a crash. Additionally, the drivers have a limited range of visibility for cars on either side of them and behind them. It is also not uncommon to find many of these trucks moving at speeds well above the speed limit, as the driver seeks to deliver their load on tight deadlines. Because of these everyday experiences, it is easy to conclude that intervention and reform must take place with regards to the trucking industry.

According to the U.S. News and World Report, an eighteen wheeler was involved in a twenty-five car collision in New Mexico that killed six people. Instances like this can not continue to occur in our public domain of roads. In the event of a serious truck accident, the victim should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney who has handled truck accident injury cases in the past. Truck accident victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, therapy and rehabilitation, and other damages following an accident

Innovation in the form of new technologies that allow trucks to drive themselves could potentially be implemented in order to further prevent other accidents from occurring. While there are many noted reservations to the implementation of autonomous driving systems, it seems like a logical solution to an epidemic that has not yet seen any significant progress. If the proper guidelines were set in place for such a system it could potentially save the lives of millions of future Americans. Additional support for these technologies will be the only way to ensure progress can occur in regards to combatting driving fatalities effectively.

Trucking accidents cause devastating injuries and tragic deaths on roads across the U.S. The lack of regulation, size of trucks, and bad driving habits, pose as a menace to drivers across the nation. Innovation in the designing of vehicles and technologies that allow them to operate autonomously is crucial in ending the devastating effects of trucking accidents.